District Responds to Construction Lawsuit

Late last week, Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD)  became aware, via Santa Clara County Superior Court records, that Taisei Construction Company filed a lawsuit concerning its construction of the New Classroom Building and Media Arts Center on the Palo Alto High School campus. The lawsuit was filed nearly a month ago, however, Taisei did not notify the District, nor has the suit been served on the District. 

Although the initial schedule for the PAUSD project indicated a completion date of June 1, 2013, Taisei’s latest schedule notes a December 13, 2013 completion date. District representatives continue to work with Taisei to resolve outstanding project issues in order that these important school projects are completed properly and in the best interests of the District and the community. The District is working diligently to ensure that it receives all of the benefits of Taisei's contractual obligations and to fairly resolve any disagreements.

PAUSD is aware that Taisei is involved in litigation on other projects, and that the company filed and served a similar lawsuit on a community college district project in the California Central Valley. The District and its attorneys will respond vigorously to defend the District's interests.

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